Transform the way you operate in business and life.

Don't use yesterday's strategies to address today's challenges.


I have gained immense clarity.

A lot of entrepreneurs are visionaries and their energy can be dispersed. Ultimately, this dilutes our ability to make progress and accomplishments.

Recalibrating my focus and energy has helped me cross the finish lines with the projects I've been working on and focus on what I'm called to do.

David King

Founder of Healthy, Wild & Free

You may be great at the “hustle” game, but is it really serving you?

Stressed out change agents create toxic business cultures. Why not transform? And be flowing through personal and business growth with harmony.


The Mental Health Crisis Of Entrepreneurs

It’s time to create a healthy way of doing business, now that start-up founders are:


as likely to suffer from depression


as likely to suffer from substance abuse


suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their lifetime

Design your business and life intelligently.

Unlock time freedom

Design your lifestyle on purpose, safeguard your mental wellbeing, and watch your organization thrive.

Enhance emotional intelligence

Get trained to up-level your emotional intelligence, build more resilient cultures, and gain advantages in business and life.

Improve communication skills

Gain more effective tools to empower your team, improve your organizational health, and succeed on every level.

Prevent burnout

Avoid building yourself a glorified jail cell. Learn to integrate work and play so your energy expands along with your business.

Conscious Business Leadership Training

Get access to practical mindfulness skills that give your team or portfolio advantages in business and life.

Meditation Immersion Days

Take time to unplug, unwind, and refocus on the most important parts of your business, and get trained to use your brain more effectively.

Holistic Executive Coaching

Gain expert guidance to transform the way you're operating in business and life, and become a more skilled Conscious Business Leader.

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Stop doing business the old way and unlock new levels of vitality.

People who want to do business for good tend to fall into the trap of growing their businesses while sacrificing their own wellbeing. Serenity Labs offers a methodology that business leaders around the world trust to enhance their lifestyle design, mental wellbeing, and conscious leadership.



Conscious Business Leadership

Learn about the practical mindfulness skills that give you advantages in business and life. We love transforming bad old habits into new ways of operating. And we've integrated thousands of hours of cross-disciplinary training to help you succeed. Make mindfulness practical. Enter your email and we'll send you this free guide to success to help you transform into being a skilled mindfulness practitioner at home and in the workplace.

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“The mastermind with Serenity Labs is such a supportive team environment- It's refreshing to be re-directed to my own wellbeing while we share resources for performance and business growth.

How are we supposed to build sustainable businesses when our personal resources are dry?”

Katy Ward
Founder, New Story Marketing

Building a business can be lonely, scary, and challenging to every part of your identity. No wonder our minds are stuck in overdrive.

There’s pressure from all directions, and the outdated story we’ve been told is to:

1. Measure success in money only

2. Work harder than everyone else to win

After years of learning how to scale quality of life as well as business, Arye Shabtai and Jake Mitchell are opening up an exclusive community to re-charge impact-driven business leaders.

We’re done with “no pain, no gain”

Serenity Labs is out to change the paradigm for building a business (and a life) to make a difference.

Transform the way you operate.

Don't use yesterday's strategies to address today's challenges.

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