Is growing your business
burning you out?

Serenity Labs' community membership is for impact entrepreneurs to scale up their ventures without burning out.

gLOBAL COMMUNITY for conscious Business leaders

you may be great at the 'hustle' game, but is it worth it?

Business leaders tend to give all their energy to make a difference. But how can we change the world when we're totally drained?

The mental health crisis of entrepreneurship

It's time to create a healthy way of doing business, now that start up founders are:

as likely to suffer from depression.


more likely to suffer from substance abuse.


of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their lifetime.

*From the World Economics Forum

Let's turn off

Here's how we help you
avoid burnout:


Take time to unplug, unwind, and refocus on the most important parts of your business.


We deliver content each week to teach mindfulness, productivity, and mental health tips.


Our mastermind group supports each other to prioritize wellbeing as we all scale up mindfully.

our areas of focus

Improving quality of life and business:

Improve your

Create a baseline of the social, relational, and personal time you need to lead from fulfillment. Then, build the habits.


Learn mindfulness tools to access flow state and improve performance. Then, spread that focused creativity to your teams.

Communicate Powerfully

Learn communication tools to empower your team, improve your organizational health, and attract top talent.


Building a business doesn't have to be a painful process. It can give you life, fulfillment, and creative expression.
The mastermind with Arye & Jake is such a supportive team environment- It's refreshing to be re-directed to my own wellbeing while we share resources for performance and business growth.

How are we supposed to build sustainable businesses when our personal resources are dry?!

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How can we change the world if we're running on empty?

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We’ll get to know you and your business to see if it’s a good fit.

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Take your lifestyle, mindset, and skillset to the next level.

turn off The Noise in your head

Gain the training and support to re-balance your life and business.
I have gained immense clarity.

A lot of entrepreneurs are visionaries and their energy can be dispersed. Ultimately, this dilutes our ability to make progress and accomplishments.

Recalibrating my focus and energy has helped me cross the finish lines with the projects I've been working on and focus on what I'm called to do.
David King | Founder,

Our membership includes

Weekly training modules
Monthly mastermind calls
Quarterly virtual summits
Curated resources
Global community
Access to coaching

The burnout quiz

What's sapping your energy?
Most impact-driven people value a sense of fulfillment, but they rarely replenish their own energy after giving so much.
That's why we're giving you the 3 strategic questions to best leverage your energy in business and personal life, as well as a few key tools to access flow state.
Sign up for our webinar to get a taste of the values, curriculum and community. You will come away with tools and answers to integrate your work and personal life.
Don't let burnout culture take your organization down.
Integrate work, connection, and rest
to mystify the "hustle culture" with your fresh momentum.

We're done with "no pain, no gain"

Serenity Labs is out to change the paradigm for building a business (and a life) to make a difference.
Building a business can be lonely, scary, and challenging to every part of your identity. No wonder our minds are stuck in overdrive.

There’s pressure from all directions, and the outdated story we’ve been told is to:

1) Measure success in money only
2) Work harder than everyone else to win

After years of learning how to scale quality of life as well as business, Arye Shabtai and Jake Mitchell are opening up an exclusive community to re-charge impact-driven business leaders.

Don’t let your busy mind suck away your vitality.

Integrate work, connection, and rest to make your greatest impact as a business leader.